NY Historic Home Credit

Residential properties in New York State that are in a nationally registered historic district and a qualified census tract may qualify for the Historic Homeownership Rehabilitation Credit. The credit, administered by NY Parks, offers a 20% state tax credit on qualified home renovation expenses. If your credit exceeds your tax burden in the year you claim the credit, the credit may be carried forward to future tax years.

Note: The credit is non-refundable unless you earn less than $60,000/year — in which case the credit is fully refundable and the homeowner will be reimbursed for their credit amount via check.

This credit only applies to primary residences OR non-income producing second homes. Homes with an income producing component are still credit eligible for the portion of the home that is non-income producing.


20% of qualified expenses, up to $50,000/year ($100,000/year if the home is owned jointly by partners).

Claimed as a credit on your New York personal income tax filing.

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