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Using ENERGY STAR certified products to replace old windows, doors, or insulation may make you eligible to claim Federal Residential Energy Credits. Tax credits on these items are subject to an annual cap, so spreading out your energy efficiency improvements over multiple years can help to maximize your savings. Note that Federal Residential Energy Credits are non-refundable income credits; if your tax obligation is less than your eligible credit amount, you won’t be able to claim the full amount.

You also may be able to get additional savings from the New York Comfort Home program. $1,000-$4,000 in rebates and financing are available to eligible homeowners looking to reduce air leaks and insulate their homes.

Federal Residential Energy Credits only apply to a homeowner’s primary residence.


$1,200/year (maximum across all items)

  • Windows: Up to $600/year
  • Doors: Up to $500/year
  • Insulation: Up to $1,200/year

Claimed as a non-refundable federal tax credit when you file your personal income taxes.

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