HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment qualifies for a range of state and federal tax credits and rebates. Specifically, federal programs, like those outlined in the Inflation Reduction Act, and state programs, like NY Clean Heat, offer incentives for homeowners to upgrade their heating and cooling systems to more energy efficient alternatives.

Both residential and commercial property owners can apply for HVAC credits and rebates. Federal Residential Energy Credits only apply to a homeowner’s primary residence.


Based on the scope of your project and your annual income.

  • $3,200/year in “federal residential energy” tax credits
  • $700 - $7,000/unit in rebates from NY Clean Heat
  • $300+ in utility rebates per unit

Claimed as a combination of point-of-sale rebates, rebates claimed from utility companies, and federal tax credits on your personal tax filing.

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