Agricultural Exemptions

Farm owners who maintain a working farm are eligible for special tax treatment at both the state and local levels. If you operate a working farm, you can apply to have your property reassessed at a lower value, lowering your annual property tax obligation.

If you construct or rehabilitate any buildings on your property for the purposes of operating a working farm (i.e. the building is used for agricultural production), you may qualify for a 10-year property tax exemption on the new buildings.

If you are directly engaged in the business of farming, you may qualify for a refundable tax credit towards school taxes owed on your agricultural property.

For all opportunities, you need to operate a working farm at your property.


Varies based on the specifics of your property and the outcome of an assessment conducted by NY State.

The farmers' school tax credit is a refundable credit to offset some amount of school taxes paid for your property.

Claimed as a reduction to your property taxes, or as a refundable state tax credit.

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